About Blog and Author

About Blog and Author

Focusonthearts.org is a personal blog, run by Parmis, an art junkie. Parmis was born in Iraq and moved to Italy with her parents, who immigrated from the Middle East.

They fought hard for refugee status, which was finally granted back in 2010. Parmis got a chance to study, but struggled to finish her studies due to difficulties with Italian language. She eventually opted for a career in business, teaching private lessons in Arabic. The Arabic languages are getting ever more popular in the Mediterranean area, and she’s busy teaching most of the year.


Flexibility and travels

Career of an independent language teacher comes hand in hand with flexibility. Parmis often takes two weeks off from teaching, and heads for travels to different parts of the world, where she seeks interesting people and art. She currently holds Italian passport. and is therefor allowed to travel practically everywhere, as a tourist.


Passion for art

Parmis dreams of opening her own gallery one day. She likes to paint and writes poetry when she feels like writing. Traveling the world, she often discovers a piece of art that that deserves more recognition, at least in her biased opinion. She blogs about art, trying to bring attention to the interesting works of art she encountered while traveling.

The blog, however, doesn’t serve as a professional review portal. All information is for general information purposes only, and reflects personal views and opinions of the writer.



  • Born in Iraq, during the war
  • Worked on the fields until the bomb attacks hit her village
  • Fled to Italy with her parents, brother died in war
  • Loves Italian ice-cream
  • Never leaves home without her camera
  • Teaches twenty private Arabic lessons a week in average
  • Dreams of opening her own art gallery one day…