Cajon – An Interesting Piece of Art

Cajon – An Interesting Piece of Art

I’m not too much into music. Honestly, I tried playing guitar a couple of times, but neighbors kept coming knocking on my door. When I asked them what went wrong–I wasn’t playing at night after all, they just said the noise wasn’t the main problem–the quality of my play was. I played horribly.

On the top of that, I lack the patience. It’s just not one of the many virtues on the long list of personal virtues…. I don’t like things that take long to learn, and playing guitar definitely belongs to those activities. Especially for someone like me–a girl who lacks talent  and wants to do things as perfectly as she sees them on YouTube videos! My guitar was quite beautiful though. As with everything else I buy in my life–appearance comes first and the usefulness second :). Have a look at the beautiful painting below:

My guitar, it looked better than sounded. But that was probably not the mistake of the instrument.

New instrument, new era

So I was done with playing guitar.  Confused by the words of my neighbors and flatmates, I decided to sell the piece of art. And suddenly, I  had nothing to do on rainy evenings. Again….

As a private Arabic teacher, I meet a lot of people every day. And I talk and talk and talk. Typically when done teaching, I am just too tired to go for any other meetings (Wednesdays and Fridays the only exception). And I definitely don’t feel like watching TV, or cooking.

Guitar was my escape from reality, from the never-ending carousel of thoughts and reflections. I played and forgot my life for a while…. When I stopped playing (or, said in better words, stopped trying to play) I was again just thinking, and it made me incredibly tired. I decided to give a shot to another instrument. This time, however, I looked for something that even a complete beginner can make to sound nice, from the very first moment. And of course my ideal candidate shouldn’t be too heavy, and should suit the architecture in our apartment. Cajon was the answer!

I purchased this beauty from Amazon:

A face on the front panel reminded me of myself, that’s why I went for it!

I started to play very simple grooves. Bass, snare, bass, snare, bass, bass, snare…. and so on. I think I got the rhythmic, and even my flat mates looked happy about the instrument (we also used it as a chair when too many people came in for a party).

The problem was just that my cajon didn’t sound as good as other instruments did. I watched a couple of videos, and the other cajons were just better, more dynamic, with much clearer sound. For a long time I though it was my mistake–that I was just playing bad, and didn’t get a basic technique right. So I kept trying to imitate those sounds from the video. Unsuccessfully. The puzzle got solved eventually when a musician came to one of the parties my flat mate organized. He sat on the cajon and started to play. He said it was beautiful, but not constructed well. “You won’t get anything real from this sh*tbox,” remarked he. You need a real instrument, and I know about one such.


Mark recommended Rebel

He showed me website of Rebel Cajon (, and we listened to the videos on their page. I was immediately hooked, and decided to get one from them. The design with the leather seat was truly appealing! Just have a look:

The seat is even more comfortable than it looks. And the sound is just amazing!

I replaced one artistic instrument with another, and then with another. For the third one I had to wait long two weeks, since it was delivered to Italy from another country.

At the end of the day I finally got it. The room stayed beautiful, and I finally had a new instrument for my attempts on escaping reality 🙂. If you come around, I’ll play some advanced groove for you!

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