Music Fountains – Connection of Art and Water

Music Fountains – Connection of Art and Water

There are some spots that generally attract attention of tourists. The oldest catholic cathedral or the tallest mosque, a boulevard, the main shopping street, and then of course the red light district or a street full of restaurants…. Then you have the monuments, the museums and art galleries (places I prefer to the shops). You’ll find people on these locations each day of a year, from morning to evening. During the main season they are typically so crowded that you can hardly find a peaceful spot there!

All of these places have something in common–they are static. The places, streets, monuments–the points of common interest–don’t typically betray any signs of movement or change.

There is one exception to the rule though–the music fountain. They present a unique connection of natural element (falling water), music, and art. In the evening you can add the ever-changing lights (sometimes following the beat of the music), and you have a perfect place for a visit. Let’s check a couple of pictures of the fountains I vsited on my journeys around the world:

A new music fountain in Vimmitsa, Ukraine, I visited it just a few months after the grand opening.
One of the many huge music fountains in China. Everything’s big in China, except of salaries ­čÖé
Famous music fountain in Barcelona. A must visit sight in the city!


Perfect spots for both romance and sadness

What I like the most about the music fountains is that you can come there anytime, and you don’t have to pay entrance fee. What’s more, the places are great for a visit regardless of the situation. Whether you are enjoying Barcelona, strolling the night streets with your boyfriend and feeling fantastic, looking for a romantic spot for a long kiss, or whether you are heart-broken, seeking a place for cry and reflection, the music fountain will work in both scenarios. And it won’t disappoint in any other one too…..


Best time to visit is in the evening

Visiting the fountain is an experience┬á anytime, but evenings are definitely the best times to go there. The atmosphere is as romantic as it can get, the peacefulness of the place is at its peak, and you also won’t encounter masses of people trying to take a picture with their smart phone–it’s too dark outside to take any good picture of a moving object.


Wishing for more fountains

In my personal point of view, every bigger city should install at least one music fountain. It’s a great place to attract tourists to, and it gives a brand new face to the city center. Water is splashing and soft music plays, light are playing their never-ending game…. Suddenly there’s a spot of life in a concrete square, something that will refresh a tourist on a hot day, or a sad one….

While the fountain remains just that–a fountain, a static man’s creation, it’s probably as good as it can get in terms of monuments.┬á Hopefully I’ll see many more of those on my travels.

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